Tox-Ick Presentation

Sustainable West Seattle has developed a public education campaign called Don’t Feed the Tox-Ick Monster. We want you to take the campaign to your community.  If you are interested in becoming a Tox-Ick Ambassador, contact

The free resources that we provide to support your outreach efforts include:

  • 45-minute PowerPoint presentation that covers the problem of stormwater pollution and the simple actions people can engage in to abate it. (The scripted presentation is adaptable to your needs).
  • Posters
  • Tri-folds about the 7 Simple Steps to Restore Puget Sound
  • This website to list your Events, post to the Blog, and list your Press coverage (Press link under About tab)
  • List of potential funding sources (private foundations, government granting agencies, and potential corporate sponsors)

If you, or your organization are motivated, we will give you the resources and provide counsel on strategies that work best to make the campaign take root in your community.

The Goal:  Our goal is to teach thousands of Puget Sound residents to stop stormwater pollution and restore our waterways to health.  We need you to help accomplish this.

Take this presentation to your neighborhood group, your church, your synagogue, your PTA and get the word out – we can restore Puget Sound!

Tox-Ick-Presentation-PowerPoint (17MB)

Link to video that is used at the beginning of the presenation

Tox-Ick Tri-Fold Front



Tox-Ick Tri-Fold Back