The Problem: Polluted Runoff

Puget Sound is sick.  Polluted runoff* from hard surfaces like paved streets, sidewalks and rooftops is the number one source of toxins entering Puget Sound each year.  This toxic mix threatens human health, the economic vitality of the region, and the survivability of the Sound’s most emblematic wildlife including salmon and killer whales.

*Polluted runoff includes: toxic runoff, urban runoff, stormwater pollution, and pollution consequent of combined sewer overflows.

The Solution:
The good news is that we can all adopt behaviors that will reverse the damage to Puget Sound and restore it to health.  Our citizens are the stewards of the same streets, sidewalks and rooftops that convey 14 million pounds of pollutants into Puget Sound each year. Pollutants include motor oil, pesticides, fertilizers, grease, paint, heavy metals, and bacteria.

Strategies to stop feeding the Tox-Ick Monster
The most important things we can do to stop polluted runoff are to:

  1. Pick up Pet Waste
  2. Properly Dispose of Waste
  3. Use Car Wash Facilities Instead of Washing Cars on Driveways
  4. Walk, Bike and Ride Public Transit
  5. Plant and Protect Native Evergreens
  6. Practice Natural Yard Care
  7. Keep Water in Your Yard with Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, and Porous Surfaces

Learn More about each of these solutions on our Seven Simple Solutions webpage.


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