Murray Basin (Lowman Beach Park) Overflow Meeting Tonight

King County Wastewater Division has established a stakeholder group for discussing the options for the Combined Sewer Overflow project for the Murray Basin – located presently at Lowman Beach Park.  The proposals include some options which would necessarily have a huge and negative impact on Lowman Beach Park.  The stakeholder group, the Murray Basin Community Advisory Group, has been addressing these issues and concerns and is expected to work with the County to produce recommendations by the end of September.

All  Murray Basin Community Advisory Group meetings are open to the public to observe discussions. Info to date can be found at

The mission of the group is to:

  • Provide a forum for dialog and information sharing;
  • Consult with representatives of the community on the selection of a community acceptablealternative or suite of alternatives to reduce Combined Sewer Overflow episodes;
  • Provide advice, as community representatives, on potential solutions and ways to address community concerns and to advise King County on CSO solutions in the Murray basin;
  • Help King County make a stronger connection with the community;
  • Help King County provide information to the community so community memberscan provide meaningful input, help the County solve the serious problems of combined sewer overflows, and help the County reach a reasonable andtechnically feasible solution.

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