DiverLaura on Earthfix!

Catch our own DiverLaura on OPB tomorrow at 11am!

“Clean Water:  The Next Act – Where do we go from here?”

Join us for a live online community chat for the anniversary of the Clean Water Act, Wednesday, October 17 11am-Noon.

Our team of journalists will share some of the highlights from our Clean Water: The Next Act series of reports. And we’ll bring other folks into the conversation to learn how communities around the Pacific Northwest are addressing pollution in local waterways.


2 thoughts on “DiverLaura on Earthfix!

  1. Laura,
    I don’t expect you to remember me, but I chatted with you one Sunday afternoon in mid-September when you were taking pictures of the project at West Seattle High School.
    I saw the program on KCTS 9 this evening that featured the work that you and others are doing. I told my wife “I know her!”. The program was very interesting and hopefully raises the level of consciousness about the importance of this subject.
    Keep up the good work.
    Harvey Warburton(Michigan most of the time, West Seattle a four months a year)

    • Harvey,

      Of COURSE I remember you! It is the little interactions that brighten up an afternoon! As you recall, i was out there, taking pictures of a lonely little rain garden.

      When doing this stuff, day in day out, pushing it forward, sometimes things feel a bit solitary out on the front line (even when you have a great supportive group in the background). A kind word and a bit of interest from a stranger turned friend can make all the difference in the world as a gentle reminder that we can make a difference, even if its just one person at a time!

      I am very glad you enjoyed the KCTS 9 program, I will pass that on to Katie Campbell the producer, I know that will make her happy!

      You are welcome to come to a presentation, or we can set one up for your friends/colleges sometime!



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