West Seattle High School wins $1,000 to battle Tox-Ick Monster with rain garden

On Thursday, March 22nd, Sustainable West Seattle awarded The West Seattle High School Earth Service Corps $1,000 toward a new rain garden for the school.  The Corps earned the award through its public outreach efforts by getting more than 40 new people to attend a Don’t Feed the Tox-Ick Monster education event.

Sage Taber, WSHS student, and her fellow Earth Service Corps members have built momentum for the rain garden at the school.  The Corps will coordinate with Stewardship Partners and Sustainable Seattle to plan and build out the rain garden.  We will be putting out a call for volunteers to help plant the garden in the next month.  Once the garden is built, the Corps will work with Sustainable Seattle and Friends of the Cedar River Watershed to integrate the rain garden into the school’s science curriculum.

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