Alaska Air Green Team Presentation with Diver Laura!

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Date(s) - 31 Jan 2013
12:01 PM - 1:30 PM



The fight against Tox-Ick goes to the AIR!

Alaska Air that is. is combining forces with Alaska Airlines award winning Green Team to offer our “Don’t Feed the Monster – Seven Simple Actions to help stop the flow of polluted runoff into Puget Sound” presentation as a brown-bag lunch for their employees and guests.

This presentation from, is made possible by a King County Wastewater Treatment Division Green Grant for business outreach  in the Duwamish River Basin and will take place on January 31, 2013

Speaker:  Laura James, 2012 Cox Conserves Hero Winner

Laura exposes the “ick” in the murky depths – and inspires action! As an
artist, videographer, environmentalist, and diver, she volunteers for
search and rescue missions, helps educate school kids with the Marine
Science Afloat™ program as one of their ‘diver scientists’ and works tirelessly to help clean up Puget Sound.  

Last year, Laura organized a diving team to remove over 1,000 lbs of discarded marine and automotive batteries from a West Seattle scuba diving site. Over the past few years, she combined her educational, environmental and cinematographic leanings and
began making short incredibly effective videos that really tell the story of pollution in the waters we hold so dear. 

She has contributed her underwater clips showing stormwater and combined sewer
pollution coming out of drains, bottom-dwelling wildlife, and the littered
(cigarette butts, plastic bags, and more) bottom of Elliot Bay for use by many
media outlets, environmental films, and web pages. Recently, Laura has become
the lead ambassador for the Tox-Ick Monster campaign, educating people about
the ways everyone can contribute to the health of Puget Sound.

Bring your lunch and a guest and learn what you can do to help protect Puget Sound! Eco-Friendly Prizes will be given out!

To schedule a brown-bag lunch presentation for your business and learn more about the “Seven Simple Solutions”,  visit or email

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