Sept. 26th, 2011: The Tox-Ick Monster Sighted!

Our fearless videographer, Laura James, captured the Tox-Ick Monster today at a pipe right off the swimming beach over on Alki.  Her report: “It’s huge and even today with light rains it was absolutely billowing.”

Remember: Don’t Feed the Monster!

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6 thoughts on “Sept. 26th, 2011: The Tox-Ick Monster Sighted!

  1. Although the Tox-ick monster is a fun way to understand this issue, I think such photos should also be accompanied by an explaination of what we are seeing here? Is this the combined sewer outfall off of Alki? Perhaps a very quick explaination of what a CSO is in the blog entry, and whether this is linked to the rains of the last few days?

    • The entry does do this to an extent, but seems a little sparce on the details. It seemed like yesterday and the day before actually had some pretty hard rain though… not light.

  2. I’d like to attend one of your events. But in the meantime, it might be helpful to include some tips on the web site for those who can’t attend, or can’t attend anytime soon.

  3. While this video may have been a CSO, it could also have been a stormwater discharge, which happens far more frequently but does not contain human sewage. For more information about Sewage Overflow Prevention, including real-time reporting, go to You can see real-time reports of CSOs citywide and make informed decisions about the use of the waterway.

  4. The reason there is limited info on the entries is because I do not know exactly what this outflow is. There is a CSO out there, but it is a block or two south and that pipe does not seem as active as this one.

    This could be strormdrain runoff, it could be creek runoff, it could be a CSO, i honestly do not know for sure one way or another, but there is for sure a bacteria and debris trail out from it as seen in a previous video (that also has the 53rd street CSO)

    regarding ‘heavy’ vs. light rain. What i refer to as heavy rain is one of the big rainstorms that cause sizable rivers to run down the streets. Those will get the small CSO by Saltys blowing storm drain/rooftop/gutter/etc.. water and roadside garbage into the sound (not necessarily sewer overflow, that can be checked on the site that Susan mentions – and i wouldn’t be diving near them on days where there is a reported overflow event)

    here is the known pipeline off 53rd street out from the new pump station, along with footage of the other one (the one featured in these pictures) when it was a sunny day and no rain for a few days… There was no flow coming out of it that day (about 3 weeks ago) which makes me lean more towards it being a storm drain.

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